** Soul Sister Weekend **

at the Retreat on the Lake
Plymouth, MN

A weekend of nurturing and healing wisdom for a woman’s soul

September 26, 27, 28, 2014

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** Something Special **

Book A Private Party!
Share the Connection with Friends and Loved Ones or Your Center’s Clients!

Soul Artistry Drawings,
Connect with Angels,

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I AM Cynthia Shepherd.
I love humanity, and
I believe in the heart of humanity.

I am passionate about inspiring others to listen to and bring out to the world the things that reside in their hearts: truth, wisdom, love, light, & peace.

I am certain you will enjoy exploring all the treasures that fill the pages of this site and I know you will be filled up with love, joy and peace while integrating the wisdom and truth from your visit here. Every soul is precious to me and I rejoice with each connection, so please make your presence here known by leaving a comment, by joining this community, or by sending in your Message for Humanity.

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