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Cynthia ShepherdCynthia has been a life coach since 1999 with clients all over the world. She mixes her Master Life Coach knowledge, 30 years of experience in Corporate America, her Seminary training, 20 years of work with Law of Attraction principles, her keen awareness of the human heart and the heart of humanity, and all her other skills and talents to offer her clients the maximum benefit of their sessions and to optimize their search for answers, direction, and peace.

Cynthia’s primary passion is assisting clients to quickly move past any patterns, pains, or fears that are keeping them from their purpose, their peace, and their joy. This usually results in alignment with their personal or group mission and vision, expanded awareness, wisdom and balance. Cynthia’s toolbox is vast and she loves to support others on their path to enlightenment and fulfillment and to help them build their resources so that they become skilled masters of their own lives and contribute positively to their community and the world.

Cynthia’s art is featured in The Book of Simple Human Truths, a 2013 book by author Molly Friedenfeld. The images that Cynthia captured for the book are universal, full of deep wisdom, and speak of timeless truth.

Cynthia is the host of The Heart of Humanity radio show and co-host of The Story of Humanity radio show on Violet Wisdom Radio. In her Heart of Humanity radio show Cynthia speaks with souls across the earth that have discovered the message contained deep within their heart. Cynthia asks each guest about their individual message and what it means to them and how they envision it can assist all the hearts of the planet. The Heart of Humanity Speaks Project is in the process of collecting over a million heart Messages For Humanity to raise the awareness that all hearts are seeking good and that we are all desiring the same things: love, peace, truth, and joy.

Cynthia Shepherd

Founder of The Heart Of Humanity Speaks Project
Master Life Coach
Radio Show Host
Heart Counselor
Peace Minister


Email:  Cynthia@CynthiaShepherd.com

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