What I’ve Learned

Quotes From Cynthia


These quotes are from Cynthia’s writings, her classes, and her radio show appearances.  We hope they will inspire you to seek more awareness in your life, and to move towards your highest expression of self.  If you would like to schedule a session with Cynthia to experience and utilize her wisdom, and to reconnect with your own, please use one of the forms of communication from her Contact page.  We hope you will seek enlightenment always.

Blessings in Abundance!


“Words are thoughts we had enough emotion around to speak; thoughts are words that haven’t yet been spoken.”

“When you see others through the eyes of love, then anything is possible.”

“If you have a bad thought about someone else, anyone, you create a gap in your personal alignment, since in truth, we are all one.”

“Anything that separates us will feel bad.  We were born to love.  We are the embodiment of love.”

“Illumination is not negative.”

“It is important to be conscious of what we are transferring to others through our eyes; they can see our truth reflected there … our beliefs, our hopes, our faith in a specific outcome, our level of certainty, our integrity, or they can see our doubts, our fears, our lack of faith in them, or ourselves.”

“Get good at paying attention to your feelings and emotions.  Ask them to reveal their messages and wisdom.”

“As Guardians of Light, we must master the ability to consciously place The Light wherever it is needed.”

“I am not saying we should live as revolutionaries, revolting against societal principles, but I am saying that we were not designed to be slaves, nor were we meant to compromise or sacrifice what we know is True for what we feel in our bones is wrong.”

“Everyone possesses inner wisdom and guidance and the ability to connect with it.”

“When we are in alignment with our authentic self then everything is easier.  Our life journey will always have ups and downs, but how we manage those ups and downs will be easier if we have stayed true to our authentic self.”

“When we release drama and fear, we are more open and receptive to the presence and messages of the heart.  Reciprocally, when we listen to and heed the messages of the heart, we find it easy to release drama and fear.”

“If there is too much surface dynamics (drama, mind chatter, mind clutter) … if one has not cultivated their inner arena, their inner being … it is hard to hear the truth.”

“For anything we can give voice to, there is a positive way to express it.”

“Any fighting energy is resistance to the natural flow of energy and life, as is the energy of holding:  holding on, holding back, holding our breath.  Best to find a way to acknowledge, even embrace, whatever is in our presence and claim the gift it has brought.”

“Fear paralyzes our momentum for growth.”

“Does any human really want to remain illusioned or deluded?  At some level, everyone is seeking truth.”

“Everyone is beautiful when seen through the eyes of the heart.”

“We’ve all walked a path of deception simply by not living our whole truth.”

“Seek to build core integrity and core strength.  Not only will you feel better, but this is also a sure-fire catalyst for change.  

“Once the inner core is strengthened, we are far less likely to repeat old habits that no longer serve us, or to act out of fear.”

“When we act from our strength and our knowing, this is where true change is born.”