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Heart CloudWelcome to my blog. I believe that THE HEART OF HUMANITY is good and loving, and that the Universe is stacked in our favor. While our hearts may forget this from time to time, we are all trying to remember this so we can return to this loving state of being, and we truly desire to remain there and to BE the individual expressions of the love and loveliness of God that we intended to be.

Please join me here regularly, as we are a part of a global heart-conversation that longs to be re-membered. Scroll down for pieces of my re-membering. Reconnect and remember your part of the tapestry of the world we are weaving together. Please feel free to share your comments here, and to share these thoughts with  friends and family. We are all connected!  Namaste’

    Cynthia Shepherd 


Step Out Of The Darkness, Into Your Light!

Troy PayneHello! Heart Of Humanity Radio is excited to bring you another soul’s heart message for humanity!  This week tune in as I speak with Canadian Troy Payne, inspirational speaker, international best selling author, and musician about his Message For Humanity:  Step out of the darkness, into your light.  Hear the heart-wisdom and be inspired to step away from the stories of our lives that no longer serve us and find keys to bringing in more light and being more light.  Join us here for the full 30-minute broadcast:

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I have faith in the heart of humanity!  How about you?!


New Radio Broadcast! You Can Resolve Pain & Suffering!

Bonny Kraus PictureHello! Once again Heart Of Humanity Radio brings you another soul’s heart message for humanity!  This week tune in as I speak with Bonny Kraus about her Message For Humanity:  Pain and suffering can be resolved through divine connection.  Hear the heart-wisdom and be inspired to move anything within you that resembles pain or suffering to a place of peace and joy.  Join us here for the full 30-minutes broadcast:

If you would like to share your heart’s Message For Humanity, please visit The Heart Of Humanity Speaks page on Facebook to submit your 9-word-or-less heart message, and LIKE us.  Spread the word about this exciting project and help us to bring A MILLION of these heart messages to humanity!

I have faith in the heart of humanity!  How about you?!


A New Message For Humanity!

Angela LevesqueI am thrilled to be able to share with you today, this interview with Angela Levesque, who shares in depth about her Message For Humanity:  “Go within to see what you can do without.”  Hear us discuss the double meaning woven into her message and feel the heart-inspiring power move through your own heart.  You can listen to the show here:

Heart Of Humanity Radio interviews Angela Levesque

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I have faith in the heart of humanity!


New Heart of Humanity radio show: You Are Extraordinary!

Karl GruberHello, and welcome to a new broadcast on the Heart of Humanity show on Violet Wisdom radio!  Today’s interview is with Karl Gruber, the 9th man to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks.  Here him share the heart of his message:  Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things!  Feel the uplifting that his message will flow to you and be blessed.  Tune in by going to the link listed here to hear the show:–ordinary-people-can-do-extraordinary-things

Share the news about this show and the messages that are being shared from the Heart of Humanity to the Heart of Humanity.

And, be blessed.


Forgiveness is Magic

Forgiveness is akin to magic.  Being forgiven creates such a whooosh of relief and freedom.  But forgiving someone else … well now, that is even better.  When you realize that the resentment, the anger, the pain … all of these things, you were HOLDING.  Holding such emotions takes a lot of effort, and can become toxic.

I know one woman who looked like a model in her youth and had a lovely smile … which, after years of bitterness and holding significant amounts of negative emotions … has turned into a pretty permanent frown, to the extent that even when she smiles, the corners of her mouth now go down instead of up.  Negative emotions are a corrosive and will eat away at what is beautiful and good and even rust the soul … if we let it.

Forgiveness is a tarnish remover that returns everything in life to its original luster.  Forgiveness sets everyone free.

What in your life needs forgiving? Move into forgiveness today and feel the balm of peace that makes its way into your soul.


Love Prevails!

For this journey called life, be sure to bring your whole self along for the ride. This is not just a cute turn of phrase, but a serious reminder to be vigilant and not lose bits and pieces of yourself along the way. It is so easy to set a dream down if someone you love doesn’t believe that you can make it come true, or to set a personal goal on a shelf in some invisible closet and work for the goals of others, or to lose faith, or passion, or hope, or our sense of direction or our sense of worthiness as we make our way along life’s path.

If you are feeling jagged, edgy, frustrated, lost, numb, or scattered, it might be time to take an assessment of yourself and figure out what parts of you have been misplaced along the way.  And when you do … when you figure out what pieces are missing, and maybe even where you left them, call them back! Send them love and call them back.

You might try the practice of ho’oponopono. This Hawaiian practice can be done simply by extending the energetic intention of the following:

I’m sorry.
Please forgive me.
Thank you.
I love you.

When you call, they will come. They always do. This is because they ARE you, and at the root of it all, love prevails.

Many blessings!


With You In This Fellow Guardians Of Light!

Even though we bear witness to plenty of disheartening things most days, we must … we simply must … continue to believe that:


We must be Guardians Of Light, Guardians of the Light, which means we are always on guard protecting the Light, ready to uphold, infuse, or shine Light wherever it is needed, illuminating situations that need to be transformed to Light, supporting all that is good in this world, and, if necessary, calling stuff that is not LIGHT out of the shadows so that the Light can transform it.

This can be done simply by being the presence of Light in the darkness, and sometimes we may be called to use words. The challenge with words is that they can be twisted, misunderstood, and insufficient. And so, my fellow Guardians of Light, we must continue to hold the faith, hold the Light, long after all the words have been spoken. In the end, this steadfastness of heart is what our fellow humankind will feel and what will truly matter.

I am with you in this!



What Choice Do We Have? Wisdom from the Dalai Lama.

DL croppedToday I heard the Dalai Lama speak on a great many things.  One interesting thing happened at the end of his time with us.  Someone asked him if he would give us a blessing.  He responded that, as a Buddhist, he was skeptical of blessings (we all laughed, understanding his joke), and then he added, “Blessings must come from our own actions.”

Well, if that isn’t an amazing thought, I thought, and so I wanted to share it with all of you.

I thought of how true that was in terms of free will … that everything is our choice really, even how we react or respond to something that seems to come to us from out of the blue.  To keep our cool, look for the lesson in everything, and trust that all is in perfect divine order … these choices bless our lives, while many other reactions create various other emotions, some quite negative, which do not feel like a blessing.

And I thought about how the Law of Attraction creates an “effect” from the universe based on the “cause” we put out and that only we can control what we are putting out, which therefore means we, in a way, control what we receive (the blessing, or non-blessings, whichever way we are creating at any given moment).

And I just felt my heart melt for his wisdom.

There was another thing he said that I found both humorous and incredibly profound.  When he was asked what the wellspring was that allowed him to transcend despair, he said, “It’s the only choice!”  And I thought, YES!, it must be our only choice, the thing we believe and live each moment … to believe in humanity and all that is good on this earth. We must not allow any other choice to enter our mind … no doubt in the good of the heart of humanity, no thought of failure … only the truth of humanity’s goodness and the will of the oneness that we are prevailing … to be the focus of our awareness, to touch our lives … to enter the world!

The Dalai Lama is a brilliant man who has cultivated his mind and heart to be focused on compassion, loving kindness, and peace.  May we all find the inner conviction to do … and be … the same.


On Waking Up

What do people really mean by that phrase “waking up?”  It seems obvious, but it can be a little mysterious and confusing.

Our souls are real and powerful and connected to every other person and thing on this planet, and in the universe, and even connected to the Divine.  Our soul has a plan for this lifetime that our conscious mind does not always perceive.  And if we are acting unconsciously still at a point in our lifetime when we need to move to a new level, or a new part of our journey, or to fulfill some part of the plan that we are in jeopardy of missing, or not seeing, or not doing, then our soul, or our higher self, will instigate whatever means it can to get our attention and wake us up to what the soul is wanting, so we can fulfill it, and in return, feel fulfilled.

Resisting the waking up process can be frustrating, if not down right painful. Allowing our minds and hearts to be awakened, to be opened to our truth, our heart’s desires, our destiny … well, these things will always feel good to us.

Open to you destiny!



There are many things that have gotten twisted up in our world. If you really get clear and honest, you begin to SEE that in many cases we have been taught or conditioned to act or believe in ways that are polar opposite to the truth of the way to act or believe. In a perfect world, we’d all just stop this silly nonsense and return to living in harmony with our planet and all living things. But, as it stands, many of us are afraid to speak up, to speak the truth, and to be a voice for what is good and right and true.

But a lot of this twisted-ness goes unrecognized or ignored by the vast majority of souls walking the earth at this time. Some don’t see the issues. Some see them and feel helpless to change anything. Some get angry. Some get depressed. But in all hearts is the true encodement of humanity and our world from the dawn of time, of our pristine origins, and the etchings of these truths on our hearts do not allow us to feel okay about the gap between what is written there and what we are experiencing in our every-day world at the moment.

We must let that niggling feeling in our heart be a guidepost. We must, at some point, listen to and follow the call of our hearts. If we don’t, we may very well go mad. And if we do follow the call of our hearts, we may very well find our bliss. I could be totally wrong on this point and it might be true that ignoring the niggling feeling could lead us to our bliss and following it could lead to our demise, but I’ll bet that as you read these words you can feel where the truth resides and recognize with certainty that the heart knows best and can guide us out of the craziness to sanity and bliss whenever we are ready to take that journey.

So that leads to this … are you … finally … ready for joy? For sanity? And, if so, recognize that this will require you to move into right-thinking and divine-doing, or divined doing (action that is inspired by the heart, which is inspire by the Divine), which could take some attentiveness and, maybe, a little effort (I won’t use the “w” word here though, because it can be a positive experience when we don’t see it as w _ _ _).

So get determined to seek right-thinking. Let the feeling of conviction flow into your being and begin to be a Seeker of Truth. Don’t ever again sweep something aside that niggles at you to be addressed or brought out into the Light. Persevere for the good of all and be a Guardian of Light, illuminating what is there to be SEEN because it is, and always has been, The Truth.