The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking

The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking course is a journey that will illuminate your mind, ignite your heart, and awaken your soul!

As Emissaries of Light, you may feel called to deepen your awareness of your calling to be peace in a chaotic world. This course is designed by its inceptor to bring participants the “peace that passes understanding.” We are boundless beings of Light here to radiate Love to all humanity. Please read more to see if you feel called to discover your boundless joy, peace and love and how to radiate it out into our world. As the book says, “YOU ARE ALREADY ENLIGHTENED!” In this course we shall explore this theory deeply and let its truth permeate our beings.

Here are some of the concepts we explore:

The awareness of your enlightenment will occur in three stages. This is what we call the “Three Enlightenments”. You are already enlightened, but as your enlightenment begins to dawn upon you it will happen thus, first your mind will open, then your heart, and finally your whole soul. We will examine these stages together and experience tools that will assist you in this process. Here is a little more information to explain the process that you will experience:

Illumined Mind

This is the Light that shatters your perception of everything you thought was real. With this First Enlightenment you will see the world through new eyes and believe that you have finally arrived at the end of your journey. But you have not and you must not end your journey here. You now look upon the world you created and realize that you created it. Do you understand? You are no longer the effect, but the cause, and thus you realize your power. But power without an awakened heart is nothing, so we move on to the Second Enlightenment…

Awakened Heart

You will recognize a master who has achieved the Second Enlightenment by their willingness to give everything to everything. What does this mean? In this stage, your heart explodes and becomes the river of refreshment to all beings. Words cannot speak of this state, for they are but the concepts of a world that no longer exists for you. And yet there is a new language you have learned, the language of the heart, of Love itself. You are that Love now. One part of the mystery remains, and so we move on to the Third Enlightenment…

Realized Soul

Of this we cannot speak. The moment you try to conceptualize this state is the instant you return to the world of form, which the Realized Soul views but through half-opened eyes. The true master sees both worlds within his Self, and thus becomes the bridge that leads others into the vast Light of Realization. Then, the shadows that once frightened you appear as harmless friends, and you find yourself wrapped in a deep incomprehensible peace. You are home.

You are here to realize that you are already enlightened. To realize this, the first thing you must do is to accept and embrace the Holy Mind. The Emissary Wheel is a symbol of this Holy Mind. This wheel has been a symbol of this awakening for thousands of years. Together we will discover the twelve qualities of an Emissary of Lightwhich are the portals into the experience of awakening we are seeking. The geometric patterns of the wheel are meant to awaken your soul at a super-conscious level. We will learn how to breathe them into life and then how to exhale them into the world.

How to Be a Part of the Art of Spiritual Peacemaking Experience

To establish an Art of Spiritual Peacemaking course (10 person minimum) at your place of business, spiritual center, or home, or to join an existing class, please contact Cynthia.  

Classes are usually held once each week and run for 14 weeks. Materials and online support are provided.

There is also a plan for a fully accessible e-Course underway.  If you are interested in this option, contact Cynthia.