Heart to Heart Consultations

Heart Wisdom can seem like an unreliable thing, but my experience with the wisdom of the heart has been quite the opposite.  I have heard people say that their heart is fickle, or untrustworthy, but once we began to dig into the truth of what was happening there, we always found that what they had perceived as their heart guidance, was not coming from their heart at all, and when they found and connected with their True Heart, there were often happy tears of reunion and joy!  I have often felt that misconnect with the True Heart, both when I did this, and when others have done this, and I have found that when one connects with their heart, there is a peace that descends upon the spirit and a certainty that arrives that feels more precious than gold.  From my personal experience, and my experience with many clients now, I find the changes this True Heart connection brings are consistent, and have the attributes of strength, love, and true purpose deeply rooted in them.

I came to see that the Heart is the purest guide of all.  It is where our truth is written, where God, The Divine, and All That Is resides, and where the trinity of truth, self and God are woven together.  That is my observation over many years, but learning to trust this took some time.  At first the purity of what I found in this realization scared me, then it intrigued me, then it thrilled me.  When I realized how much Love was trying to commune with us, I realized that the messages of the heart were priceless.  I felt the wisdom mixed with deep love and caring and I felt wrapped in the arms of The Beloved, safe, loved, and cared for … and I felt I had stumbled upon my home.

Every heart contains wisdom.  Remembering the connection to it, training one’s self to return to what is true and pure consistently, and choosing to remain in the True Heart is attainable for all.  I am confident that you will benefit from the form of Heart Coaching I provide and that you, too, will feel the refreshment that comes with reconnecting with your True Heart.   Set up a session with me and discover what so many others have experienced!


    Cynthia Shepherd