What People Are Saying

Cynthia impresses me. She is a focused, steady presence, not given to frivolous conclusions or dogmatic biases, open-minded yet grounded and concerned about truth. I’ve found sessions with her to be deeply insightful, offering really profound views of some particular situations in my life. As a coach, Cynthia can bring a new clarity to your current circumstances, which can help you to have more awareness in the midst of decision-making. There is a real ease to being with her, and I am often inspired to feel an awe and reverence for her when in her presence.  

~ Doug W., Colorado

I have been seeing Cynthia on a regular basis ( basically as often as I can!) since January 2010. Where do I start?! I consider her to be one of my greatest blessings at this time in my life. I just have to say to the world that she is the most loving person I have ever met! I find her to be highly ethical. She is amazingly gifted when it comes to her intuition. She offers guidance, clarity and tools to help yourself and in my experience, overall tremendous help on any subject, all the while leaving you at choice. Indeed, she puts an emphasis on self-empowerment. She truly inspires me. Plus, her rates are incredibly reasonable.

~ Isabelle P., Minnesota

Cynthia is one of the most natural coaches I have ever met. I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of coaches through my website, trainings, and business, and Cynthia is one of the best in my opinion. Her natural coaching gifts are enhanced by her tremendous tools and energy.  She’s spectacular!  

~ Anonymous

I met Cynthia Shepherd through a friend of mine who had a wonderful session with her. My friend received such powerful and truthful information through her time with Cynthia that I scheduled a session with her too, the following day. The session was full of useful, valuable and timely illumination.  I now schedule regular sessions with her so I can make sure I am tracking on my life purpose goals. Cynthia is a coach and counselor with integrity and truth as her foundation. She has such a kind heart and connects from the highest light and love, which is the only place in my opinion from which I want to receive.”  

~ Molly Friedenfeld, Violet Wisdom Inspiration Radio

I have been to Cynthia a few times, with many more to come in the future. The insight and clear information pertaining to my life, has been so spot on. In just a few short sessions with Cynthia, she has been able to steer me on the proper path. I would personally love to send my entire group of family and friends to her. It would enrich everyone’s life. Cynthia is a beautiful, warm and loving spirit who truly loves helping people.

~ Carolyn O.

Several years ago I was feeling stuck and alone and reached out to CJ because I had gotten to know her via the Chopra Prayer Circle Discussion Board.  There is something about CJ (who has come to me to be known as a ‘Cherished Jewel’, a wonderful gift that the Uni-verse has shared with me) that instantly resonates with a person’s spirit once you read her words, or hear her speak.  The day that CJ made the long distance phone call I shall never forget.  I had never had anyone I knew on an intimate level pray aloud with me before, let alone a kind-hearted earth spirit I had met through a prayer discussion board.  The very moment that CJ prayed aloud over and with me, I cried, as I began to feel an unconditional love and protection I had never known or felt before.  Thanks to CJ, each day I become more and more open to and aware of my oneness with the Uni-verse and its messenger spirits we earthlings call Angels.  CJ was the messenger sent to remind me that I am indeed one with all this and more.  

~ MAPS, Canada 

Have you ever met someone that it seemed like you knew each other right away? Well that is how it felt when I first met Cynthia.  The reason that I and others are drawn to her is because of her sunny, energetic, and understanding personality.  She is my friend but when I speak of her to others I refer to her as “my spiritual counselor.” She really is too.  She has never failed to give me uplifting and motivating ideas for difficult situations. With all of the creative things that she does in life I don’t see how she can have time to sleep.  She writes, paints, coaches, and facilitates classes, and she still wants to do more with her life.  She is the best of everything.  Her light really shines for others to see.  I am especially glad to also be able to call her my friend.  How lucky is that!  

~ Glory Bee, Kansas City, MO