What To Expect

You can expect:

  • Truth and Illumination
  • A Judgment-Free Zone
  • Pure Inspiration
  • A True Heart Connection
  • To feel the Connection with your Heart and your Purpose
  • Unlock the Wisdom of the Heart and its Message
  • That your Session Time will be Optimized
  • That your Questions will be Answered
  • That Wisdom will come forth from our Combined Hearts’ Intention (where two or more are gathered …)
  • That you will Remember the things you tucked into the Deep Corners of Your Heart
  • That you will feel Uplifted, Encouraged, Supported and Loved, and feel Renewal and a Return to Bravery
  • That you will feel you have Clarity and Direction and can Remain on your Heart’s True Course

Please see What People Are Saying to get a feel for the kind of results you will experience after having a session with Cynthia.  Heart-to-Heart Consultation rates are $120.00 per hour.

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All the universe adores you and is full of great love and support for you, which is available to you at all times.  Tap into it and feel the difference it makes to experience it!