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Ring Of Inspiration

Ring Of Inspiration

Cynthia had the idea for this little ring of inspiration, which came to her and would not let go, so she found a way to bring it into being so that you can carry the inspiration around with you wherever you go!

Keychain Quotes is a ring of laminated cards full of quotes from her forthcoming book, Obtaining Evolutionary Answers.  Each quote is a crystalized piece of wisdom that can soothe, uplift and inspire you every time you read it.

The quotes hold the essence of the truth we are all yearning to reclaim and to weave back into our lives so that we can live the experience of Heaven on Earth.

Keychain Quotes will help restore peace to your mind, certainty to your heart, and joy to your daily life.  Using this tool is a quick and consistent way to move from the thoughts and feelings that have held you in the grip of what you do not want to the life you have been dreaming of for so long.

By using this tool to remind your mind and your whole being of the highest thoughts and the most optimal energetic stance to hold, you reduce the resistance normally experienced during this kind of inner work.  Reminding in this sense is a gentle raising up to consciousness of the truths your heart has known all along.  So, the reminders are not about something outside of you that you are trying to force into your being, but rather, a gentle return of a part of yourself you are reclaiming.

In essence, using this tool to assist in the remembrance of our inner wisdom closes the gap between us and the Divine.  As we remember our divine source and essence and walk back into the truth of our pure, divine origins and our divine inheritance, we obtain the fullness of Heaven as we embody heavenly clarity, truth, and joy while we live and walk on the Earth.

And, it is a tool you can carry with you and have by your side at all times.  Put one in a purse, a briefcase, beside your computer, hang one from your rearview mirror, and keep one on the nightstand beside your bed.  You will soon feel the positive wellbeing fill your life and your days!


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