Transform Your Life With Coaching

If you can feel your heart calling you to greater peace or greatness, but are struggling to find your way, coaching is a good step in the direction of your alignment and your dreams.  Life coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries, probably because more and more people are feeling the truth of its principles and the results of its processes. Cynthia has been a life coach for almost 15 years, completing her Master’s Certification in 2008, and now has an international clientele.  Hear client’s rave about their successes and satisfaction after working with Cynthia (click here for “What People Are Saying“).

To give you a little more information about Life Coaching, here is some important information to consider regarding how we deal with the challenge to change:

The Change Model

In life, everything is always changing.  We change, our feelings change, our beliefs change, the people in our lives go through changes … the list of things that are changing goes on and on.  It is comforting to know then, that there are some things about change that do not change.  For instance, sometimes we don’t even know we’ve changed until the change is already complete.  Sometimes we don’t know we need to change something in order to get unstuck so we can obtain something we’ve been desiring.  Oh, did we say there were some comforting things we know about change?  Well, think about it; if you information about the process of change, then doesn’t that empower you just a bit?  And that is comforting!

As we move through healing, evolution and change, it can be handy to have a glimpse of something tangible we humans can hold onto, that can help us understand, and therefore more easily navigate, the changes of our lives as we move through them.  The Change Model is just such a thing.

The Stages of Change

The stages of change are:

  • Pre-contemplation (Not yet aware or acknowledging that there is a problem behavior that needs to be changed)
  • Contemplation  (Acknowledging that there is a problem but not yet ready or sure about making a change)
  • Preparation/Determination (Getting ready to change; creating the plan for  the change)
  • Action/Willpower (Changing behavior; enacting the plan)
  • Maintenance (Maintaining the behavior change, staying aware and intentful), and the possibility of …
  • Relapse (Returning to old behaviors and abandoning the new changes)

The ah-ha that comes with the realization of what has been keeping us stuck is often quickly followed by frustration, embarrassment, or some other negative emotion.  But why?  Why can’t this realization bring relief, empowerment, even rejoicing?  With a Life Coach like Cynthia, it does.  When you work with Cynthia this negative step is usually avoided, because when you work with Cynthia you never receive any judgment; in fact, she teaches you how to not judge or kick yourself, but rather, to easily step past regret to empowerment and gratitude.  You will feel the upliftment from the very first session!

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