Individual Coaching

Hiring a Life Coach
is one of the most powerful things
you could ever do for yourself.

 What are the Benefits of Coaching?
  • When it comes to our own “work,” we often can’t see the forest for the trees; a coach parts the overgrowth so we can see things more clearly
  • Obtain permission to “graduate” (move on from where we’ve been holding yourself)
  • Gain a storehouse of tools
  • Identify barriers and receive help to bust through blocks
  • Discover our dreams
  • Help us turn our dreams into reality
  • Navigate from where we are to where we want to be
  • Gain clarity and focus, and solidify our intentions
  • Build self-confidence
  • Create deeper meaning for the realization of a rich and rewarding life
  • Find life balance
  • Find fulfillment
  • Change habits, beliefs, and patterns
  • Translate your past experiences and leverage them to develop a better future.

 What Kind of Results can I Expect?

Results depend on alignment, open- mindedness, bravery, commitment and consistency. Clients often report immediate improvements in their emotional wellbeing, and evidence of successful change usually begins to show up soon afterwards in both their personal and professional lives.

To make long-term, sustainable, positive changes in behavior, it’s important for the client to make a heart-felt investment and commitment to his/her own development. On average, it takes two months to define your goals and then two – eight months for the implementation of your new plan to begin churning out the desired results. Most client relationships last a minimum of six months and often continue well beyond twelve months as they discover the effectiveness of coaching and decide to apply it to other areas of their lives.

 Message From Cynthia

I can’t wait to take this journey of discovery and transformation with you.  I guarantee it will illuminate and expand you!

    Cynthia Shepherd