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Molly Friedenfeld 

Molly FriedenfeldMolly Friedenfeld is a woman of Peace and Love leaving trails of light as her feet walk upon this earth. Molly is the creator of Violet Wisdom – providing products of positivity such as books, workshops, events, including audio and video messages of light.

Everything that she does has Honor, Love, Truth, Goodness, Angels, and Light at the foundation. She is the creator of Violet Wisdom Radio, hosting The Light of Humanity Show and The Angels of Light Show. She is also an inspiration reporter who finds souls who are making a positive impact and spreading goodness and light in their communities and shares their inspirational stories with the world. These interviews are turned into audio and video files that can be found in the Violet Wisdom Media Library at Her media library allows anyone, anywhere in the world to download inspiration on the go at any moment of the day!

Molly also creates templates, videos, online courses, and in-person workshops to motivate and teach others how to communicate with Angels, access the wisdom of the heart, honor the light within every soul, create chains of goodness, spread positivity across the earth, and understand there are no coincidences – only synchronicities.

Molly is also the author of The Book of Simple Human Truths. Through something called an Energetic Exchange, some of my art appears in Molly’s book (you can read more about the concept of Energetic Exchange at the back of her book), and I sincerely hope that the artwork you find there provides you with illumination, inspiration and joy, but I want to encourage everyone to read Molly’s book as I feel it is leading edge transformational information for those who are on a path of alignment with their highest life happiness, and the fulfillment of their life purpose.

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