The Heart and Soul of Soul Art

Road to Dreams - watermarked

The art I create is a highly personal expression of the soul of an individual for the heart of that individual, or the heart of an organization or group.  Some of them are etched in my mind for eternity, as are the sweet souls for whom they were created.  I will try to find a way, sometime in the future, to explain this part of my life work and life purpose better, but for now, the images in the Gallery will have to be enough of a window into what happens when I create art for a client.

Swirling Heart -watermarked

I’ve drawn hundreds of these soul images now, for the beautiful beings who have crossed my path, and soon it will be thousands, but one of the most memorable and most dear projects I have done was for my friend, Molly.  Molly, asked me to create images of the soul of each chapter in her book:  The Book of Simple Human Truths.  Molly’s book is now out and available for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, and I hope you will enjoy Molly’s messages, and the messages of the images that I created for the book, too.

The Book 


 You will love this book!  Molly’s sense of humor, mixed with the depth of her heart, added to the wisdom that lies at the heart of it all, make for a book you will not only read, but USE to transform your life, and hopefully … the world.  This project touched my heart and has become lodged in my being for all time, and I hope you will buy Molly’s book and experience both my art and her simple, yet profound messages for yourself.


The Mission

Jacqueline's Angel

 I have a dream growing in my heart.  The Heart of Humanity Speaks project and the Soul Artistry work are pieces to the puzzle of what is unfolding in my vision.   I want to create individual pieces for people, and organizations, in all cultures around the world.  And, I want to create a very large Soul Art piece for the world one day.  I can see that language is not an issue when it comes to this life work, for the language of the heart does not need words to express itself.  I can’t wait to see where this work will lead.  I know it will thrill my heart … because it already does!


Blessings to ALL!