Cynthia channels Soul Artistry messages by allowing the Messages to flow through her into oil pastel drawings. Cynthia has an amazing ability to capture the essence of a person’s energy, spirit and journey. Cynthia will create this Soul Art, along with a personalized message, that you can take home for heart-felt contemplation, upliftment and direction. The drawings contain energy and clues regarding your life purpose and will help you heal and remember the gifts you intended to bring forth to the Earth.

So many people have expressed their appreciation and gratitude for their individual Soul Art that Cynthia is now offering it beyond the events where she has been featured. You can now commission your own Soul Art. With each painting you will receive a detailed description of the messages portrayed in the soul piece. If you are having your artwork done in person, the Message can be recorded or provided in writing. If you are not local, or not able to meet in person, the Message will be mailed to you along with the artwork.

Prices for commissioned art will vary depending on the finished size of the piece chosen, and in part by the length of time it takes to create the art piece, and also the length of time it takes to convey, or capture the Messages that it represents. The prices below are estimates but will give you an idea as you decide what it is you envision. Framing is not included, but many people do frame their Soul Artistry Images, as you can see by the picture below sent to Cynthia by a recipient of her Soul Artistry (the message on the framed piece below is not the full message; another sheet is affixed to the back that contains a full description of the symbology of the artwork). Contact Cynthia when you are ready to receive the images your angels and your soul are wishing to convey to you!

Mirror For Humanity

Mirror For Humanity

Price Estimates

6″ x 9″ oil pastel with Verbal Messages

6″ x 9″ oil pastel with Written Messages

9″ x 12″ oil pastel with Verbal Messages

9″ x 12″ oil pastel with Written Messages*

12″ x 16″ multi-media with Written Messages

* Larger sizes available upon request.


Message from Cynthia:

“I look forward to showing you what your heart is longing for you to SEE.”

    Cynthia Shepherd