The Book of Simple Human Truths

The Book

There is something magical that happens when words hit paper, and there is something mystical that happens when art manifests into form.  And there is something exquisite that is born when two souls collaborate with no ego and, together, create something that transcends what seems impossible.  This is what transpired when Cynthia Shepherd and Molly Friedenfeld felt moved to work together on The Book of Simple Human Truths.


The Author
Molly Friedenfeld







Graffiti Love BV - watermarked Cynthia
The Artist







Molly and Cynthia consciously chose to lay aside anything that did not feel Divine, and followed their intuition, the synchronicities that kept showing up, and their hearts to create something for all humankind.  A timeless book whose time has come, that will inspire everyone who connects with it to return to Truth, Love, Peace and Joy, the four pillars of humanity and of the human heart.

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